According to economists at Harvard University and Princeton University, the percentage of workers who took on freelance assignments jumped from 10.7 percent to 15.8 percent between 2005 and 2015. This is the new reality of work. A world-class payables operation is essential to establishing a loyal, growth-oriented, motivated, and valuable freelancer network.

To better understand these challenges, Tipalti surveyed gig economy freelancers of various types around the world and asked about their payment concerns, the hurdles they face working with different marketplaces, and how these things affect their loyalty to those marketplaces.

This report, Global Marketplace and Gig Economy Payment Satisfaction, includes data on:

  • The risks of ineffectively paying partners
  • The features of partner payments that ensure loyalty
  • The gaps in compliance and streamlined payment processes
  • How early payments can be used in the payment mix
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